The Nameless

by Buffalo Crows

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Bludgeoning Doom from Australia. Puny humans. Bang Thy Heads and blow your speakers to pieces.


Your ancestors worshiped me , their bloodlust gave me life.
Born of greed and vanity, Inhuman sacrifice
Fed their children to the flames my approval to gain
Baal , Dagon and Baal Zeebub.
Unholy Baphomet
Ive watched your cities rise from mud, then burn away to ash.
Ive caused fools to declare war and watched your armies clash.
I lie beneath the sands of time and wait until you crawl.
I feed upon the desperate ones, who crave to feel death's

I rule the darkness of the night
I caress the virgin flesh
I take your souls and I make them mine
Bleed you dry, lay you to rest

I grind my teeth upon your bones
And put your hearts upon my blade
I infest and destroy your homes
send you demons in my name

I am the one who speaks in tongues ,howling like a beast
Contort the bodies of my slaves, laughing at their priests
Everytime I’m asked my name a devil takes my place
I am the nameless lord of lies,
I despise your human race.


released May 8, 2017
Joe - Lead.
Richard - Vox, rhythm.
Nik - Bass.
Paul - Drums, vox, samples.



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Buffalo Crows Australia

Buffalo Crows came to the top of the rise and surveyed the land before them. it was green and verdant. They saw that it was good. A new dawn rose. Birds tweeted. Cows gamboled on the lush plains below. A vision of rampaging guitars and wild, soulful harmonica came to them. they went down to the valley to play. Australian heavy rock, metal and roots 'n roll. Hear and believe. ... more

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